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      Collie Association Roll of Honour
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Welcome to the website of the South Hampshire Budgerigar Society. Based near to Southampton, we are an enthusiastic group of breeders and exhibitors of exhibition budgerigars. We hold regular meetings, aviary visits and social events as well as exhibitions.

South Hampshire BS Celebrates its 41st Anniversary in 2023

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See What's On for news of meetings

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My husband is a budgie breeder; I find it hard to say,
He goes down to his birdhouse and stays most of the day,
Blues and greens, greys, Opalines and such
I can see quite plainly, he loves them all so much.

The radio must play all day, they like a merry tune,
A heater keeps them nice and warm morning night and noon,
Other breeders come along to give him sound advice,
I meet their wives and, really, they all seem very nice.

Often when it is dinner time I just have to shout,
But, even then, I find he just will not come out.
There is one consolation- his birds are the feathered kind and
At the bottom of the garden he is never hard to find.


Everyone is welcome, particularly newcomers and those thinking about starting up. We are a friendly team who are happy to provide support and help to those that need it.

Why not come along to one of our meetings - there is no obligation to join.

South Hampshire BS Privacy Policy

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